Welcome to Imakita Industory Co.,LTD this is a Imakita Industory Co.,LTD home page. WEB consultation About the situation and your business environment, hear the story in detail, we identify the business issues.
On top of that, consider the strategic direction of the Internet to solve problems and to achieve the goal, also plan for the business, such as the context of the real.
WEB site planning, production, management On your sales support, strategic planning was firmly marketing methods, we offer even the planning and operation of content management, website production, various shooting and production page coverage, hosting, after start-up.
We will propose optimal performance by utilizing the know-how involved in many projects that you start from here.
System Integration home page By introducing the system, you can also easily do yourself in updating.
There are various types of properties such as the system to update the inquiry form, update system topics, products and a variety of types. I will propose the necessary systems to suit your requirements.
When production of the website, please consider us.
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Imakita Industry are doing web consulting, website creation, and system development.